Nokia Branded Smart Health Products Are Coming This Summer

Nokia on Sunday at its MWC 2017 event in Barcelona announced that all Withings products will acquire the Nokia brand name. Withings is a fitness and health-focused brand that Nokia had acquired in June 2016.
Nokia Branded Smart Health Products Are Coming This Summer
Withings is known for its Activite range of fitness trackers and all of its products will be Nokia branded from the summer 2017, the company said in a statement on its website. “We are excited to announce that in early summer 2017, our award-winning range of products will transition to the Nokia brand,” the statement read.
The brand name change is just the beginning, Withings said, “The company aims to totally revamp its Health Mate app that includes new coaching programmes and a new feature called Patient Care. Details are scarce at the moment but Withings claims this will “revolutionise the relationship between caregivers and patients”.
If you already have a Withings product, the company says nothing will change and these will continue to receive support and software updates in the future. All of your existing activity data will be available via the Withings app you’ve been using all this while.
If your Withings product develops a fault that’s covered under warranty, and you exchange it after the company switches over to the Nokia brand name, you will receive a Nokia product. The date hasn’t been announced yet and until that day, Withings will continue to sell its products under its own brand name.