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Grabbing knowledge or education never goes wasted. It not only makes an addition to our skills, but also opens numerous professional pathways for us. The certificate makes resume more attractive and is more likely get cherry picked by the employers as they are always in search of expert professional for their business. All the above mentioned qualities are inherited by the Leading Safe Course. There are few options available to you under this single course. If you are looking for a Scaled Agile Framework Certification in Kolkata then pick a course that suits you, out of the below mentioned courses that holds the key to your success path.
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  • SAFe practitioner- The course consists of Agile frameworks and is a sure pick by the enthusiastic learners. Team members and managers are the one who gets the most advantage of the course. It also lays red carpet for the aspirants who are looking for a career in the field of Agile software development. Theorganizations that are looking for transformation and want to adapt the new technology opens up gateways for SAFe certified professionals.
  • SAFe Agilist- The training is the most suitable for executives and managers. The course revolves around the application of the knowledge in the agile framework and at the same time learns the principles that put the enterprise on the escalators.
  • SAFe program consultant certification- This is the advanced course that enriches the learner to launch new Agile Release Trains. The aspirants who are looking a future in the Agilists can take this pathway to realize their dreams. As it’s an advanced course it calls for few mandatory requirements, such as the wishful person should possess 3 years of work experience in Agile framework. Plus, he should possess a SP certificate as well. How to release the Agile Release trains are all taught in this course.


  • SAFe product manager- The training will make you a full-fledged product manager. The main focus is paid on the managerial skills in aligning with Agile framework. It will present you a complete overview of the course and how to crack the exam.

Once you have decided the right course for you then you need to prepare for SAFe certification exam. Follow these tips and tricks to decode the SAFe and touch the heights of your career

  • Don’t over-stress with tension about the exams. The course revolves around imparting knowledge of various Agile tools and its frameworks. To pass the exam you just need determination and discipline, that’s all.
  • Training provides with complete info on the theoretical and practical knowledge. You need to put this theoretical knowledge into practice and gain experience.
  • For success in the exam you need to study from the proper study material. By this stage you very well know the importance of study material.
  • Practice from mock test to get a better idea of the exam.